A.S. Face 0795: Colin Misconstrued

Face 795

My name is Colin Misconstrued (yes it’s my real name) and I am from Kansas City. I was diagnosed with A.S. last December. I’ve had psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for probably 8 years, but nobody ever put the two together. I was probably 8 or 9 when I started complaining about joint pain. It started in my knees, shoulders, and neck. The often response was that it was growing pains and that I should just push on. I’ve had a problem with a stiff neck and migraines ever since. The final straw was last fall when I got so bad, I could barely walk. I finally found a pcp that I liked and was referred to see a rhumotologist. That was the turning point in what would become the rest of my life!

Armed with the knowledge of what is wrong with me, I can move forward fighting my A.S., with more than just luck. I’m changing my diet to a more paleo approach and it seems to at least improve my stamina. I’m not one for taking a lot of pills and can’t really afford the biologics, so I decided to start with the things I can control. My wife has narcolepsy, and together we rely on each other for a lot. I am always looking to connect with fellow spondies, for they can truly understand what my challenges are.

I am very much an adventurer and avid extreme sport junky, which I fortunately get to enjoy with my wife. I figure what the hell, it’s the only chance I get to enjoy this life! I can’t say that my A.S. doesn’t drag me down at times, which is usually the most in opportune moments. I always seem to pull through and live to fight another day….stay strong my fellow Spondies, there is hope out there for all of us!

Kansas, United States of America

6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0795: Colin Misconstrued”

  1. Dear Colin,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. I am going to add another sub-title to the “FACE’s of AS.” It’s called FACE’s of optimism. YEP…visible everyday here. Thanks for building my day up to be enven more excelent with your story Colin. I likes your “paleo diet”…I assume that’s like “steak and eggs” everyday-who could NOT like that! I take Enbrel for my AS, and my co-worker takes Enbrel for his Psoriasis-together I think we’re driving up the insurance costs at our small engineering firm…so I’m the last person to complain about premium increases! LOL.

  3. Hi Colin … My Diagnosis came the same way because i has severe blistering Psoriasis outbreak for 15 months had to go off work on sick leave was really depressed because it looked like some kind of flesh eating disease!! Really gross … When finally an intern at the emerge finally referred me to a Rheumatologist, i was so excited to get better!!! Then i found out that my blistering Psoriasis was a side effect of my AS that at that time i didnt know i had nor did i know anything about it. Was pretty scary. Weird how your skin knows when the rest of your body isnt well!!

  4. Hello, I too live in Kansas but closer to Topeka, I was dx back in 2007 altho had my first flare in 1978 went to every doc you can think of…..had iritus twice and I worked at a hospital….no one had a clue….

  5. Hi Colin, great to meet you, and good attitude 🙂 I love connecting with a community of others with AS, cause we’re the ones that get it, right.

    Jane 709

  6. I just discovered all of your comments……Thank You so much for reaching out! I met my first fellow spondie yesterday and I must say, I was very humbled by the experience. I would love to continue meeting as many as possible because I truly believe that there is strength in numbers! If you are in the Midwest and interested, please reply below.

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