A.S. Face 0792: Holly Roberts

Face 792Holly Roberts

My name Holly Roberts, I Iive in Norfolk Virginia.

I am a proud 31 year old single mother of an 11 year old boy. I was just recently in may of 2013 diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. I have been battling swollen and very painful hands and feet since march of this year. My rheumatologist did blood work and X-rays both came back with positive signs of AS. She then prescribed me antibiotics, prednisone and sulfasalazine all of which work for about a week and the swelling comes right back. I have good days and bad, some days I can’t even hold a pen and as a surgical coordinator for a ophthalmologist I need my hands to work. I just want my life back at least to be able to run and play catch with my son maybe even throw on a pair of heels once and a while. I will not let this disease attack me anymore I am a fighter and with the support of my family, friends, and people who also have this disease I think we will all make it past this. I am still doing a lot of research on AS and information sent my way is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for forming this site and I look forward to hearing from some of you soon. Virginia United States of America

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 0792: Holly Roberts”

  1. Dear Holly,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hi Holly, I guess you are in shock stage, I have a lot of problems with hands and feet, which is less common. But I was diagnosed a few years ago now, and have learned a lot, you might find some of the posts on my blog useful, although it is a very personal perspective as it’s my story rather than a medical advice page. But there’s an index page where you could pick through topics on. http://battlingankylosingspondylitis.wordpress.com/

    Nice to meet you, I’ve found the online community amazing. There are Facebook groups too.

    Jane 709

  3. Hi Holly,
    You are at an advantage being in the medical field plus having support from your family, friends, and of course all of us out here! Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you the best and hope you find things to share with us here. I’ve been a single mom of 3, (the girls are grown 22, and 21).

    I’ve been on Humira for 7yrs and it has given me life back from time-to-time. I used to be very active in softball, rollerblading, skating and biking. I’ve let that all slide now, and hope to get back to some of those things in another month once I graduate!

    All the best to you!

    Candyce Sindelir #700

  4. unfortunately for me I have not found something that really works. I was diagnosed with AS when I was 29 years old. I am now 34. but I’ve had it most of my life. I remember going to the emergency rooms at age 12 getting morphine shots because my back hurts so bad I could not walk. right now I am on methotrexate and remicade. I also take prednisone and Norco and soma. I still have a tremendous amount of pain at times and the swelling is crazy I’m still looking for the combination of medicines that will help me with swelling and pain hopefully they’re out there

  5. Holly…you’ve come to the right place to find proof that there is “life after AS.” Sulfazine and pred are just the beginning treatments (they are so old school!), as my Rhuemy told me years ago when I was on them…”we have a lot more options we can try.” A couple years ago he called me a “poster child for Enbrel” So you got lotsa future options to try. Sulfazine near killed my stomach…but my brother takes em everyday with no problems for his Colitis (see the gene connection there). Just monitor your stomach…and watch for the “acid reflux.” If you start havin “tummy problems”, tell your doctor. I was naive in the beginning, and thought “pills can’t hurt me, they’re sposed to help me.”

  6. AS is not life threatening. AS seems to affect everybody slightly differently If you pay attention to your posture and exercise, you can prevent this from becoming too serious.There is no cure for AS, however non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and pain killers will help to reduce pain and improve your sleep and general well-being.A physiotherapist will teach you an exercise and stretching routine for daily use and will remind you to be aware of your posture,Get a suitable chair,Watch how you sit,Take care with your bed, mattress and pillow. The ideal bed should be firm,Swimming is very beneficial since all of the muscles and joints are exercised in a gravity free environment.,In those people with severe AS a new type of treatment is now available. It is called anti-TNF or Biological treatment and is given by injection. It is only offered to those with the worst forms of AS.

  7. Thank you all I didn’t realize all the comments until now… I have been on Humira for 3 months now I still have joint pain from time to time and am still on prednisone.. I appreciate all of your kind words and advice in this step in my life it is hard to understand at first that we all have something that there is no cure for… but we have each other the lean on for advice and caring words thank you all so much ❤

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