A.S. Face 0760: Shane Doane

Face 760

I am from Vancouver BC Canada and here’s my story;

I was 21 when the pain started. I thought I had hurt myself at work, once weeks went by I started to think i was waking up in pain because of my bed.

The pain gradually got worse and worse – doctors told me I had muscle strain and i needed to lose 30 pounds.

I continued to live in pain until I married my wife. She was on a mission to finding out what was happening to me – because by this time I was sleeping in a sitting position in a chair.

She searched the internet my symptoms and found this diagnoses. I took it to my doctor and he sent me for my HLA-B27 test and some xrays. I tested positive for the gene and nothing appeared abnormal on the xrays.

Doctor suggested a Rheumatoid specialist. First one said I had nothing wrong, needed to lose weight. After this it got worse, it moved to my hips.

Here I am, a 24 year old; Three years into pain and now I need to use a cain. Yet, the xrays are inconclusive.

At this point the Pain is so bad, I now have days when I cant move, I’m dying of excruciating pain in my back and hips, spouts where I’m crippled on the floor.

Finally in late 2012, after a spout of crippling pain; my Wife found another Rheumatoid specialist on a RateMD website he was noted for actually investigating and caring about the patient. So, I asked for a referral from my family doctor and I got an appointment.

He requested a MRI, I slipped into an appointment cancellation by chance very quickly and finally It was this test that reviled the truth. I had holes of degeneration in my right hip joint badly and some in my left and lumbar area.

I was finally diagnosed with Bilateral Ankylosing Spondylitis. Officially.

I tried all of the pill anti inflammatories and nothing helped. I accepted their offer of Biological.

I am amazed at how long I took the pain, living for years not knowing what was happening. I can finally say No Pain.


6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0760: Shane Doane”

  1. Dear Shane,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hi Shane ,

    I just saw in my e-mail that you were a new face on A.S. I have never commented on anyone’s story . This is my 2nd time on this site . I wrote my story one night when I was in so much pain and I didn’t really get to tell it how I would have really liked. I just needed to say something . You know those kinda nights where you can’t sleep pain so bad you need someone to talk to but no one is awake ?
    SO if you read my story and you don’t get it that’s why !

    Your story struck me . How did you get the pain to go away ? You said no pain at the end . A lot of the same things that are in your story happened to me but at a super fast rate and young age of 11 . In like a month my hip’s had been eaten away as the doctor’s put it to me .I have never heard of bilateral A.S. . Please if you would share anything your you & your wife have found that helps you I would be so thankful . Thank you , Kristy

  3. I was diagnosed when I was 25, 32 now, I have lived with pain also..I can’t take any anti-inflammatories due to a blood disorder…Curious about the biological, what is that exactly? No doctor ever mentioned it to me…

  4. This sounds like my Story I had holes in both my knees..I’m still fighting for a locked in diagnosis.I have been told so many different things!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Excelent story Shane…and one with a happy ending! (no pain). If there’s one “diagnosis” for AS, it’s “unexplained pains with no cause that don’t heal in the time they should.” I remember, before diagnosis, when my neck “froze” up…and I’m thinking, “did I fall down skiing”? Or when I woke up one morning and my back rib felt like a knife was driven into it, and I thought, “Gee…I don’t remember hurting that”? Doctors should realize…that a “pulled muscle” doesn’t take 6 months to “flare down.”!
    I’m glad the biological helped.

  6. Hi, Shane!

    I just learned at my last dr visit that there were different types of AS, and I may fall into a new category given mine has affected extremities. What does that mean for me – nothing other than the insurance and drug companies get to decide which meds are approved for treatment. I’m not sure how they get to pick my course of treatment?? I’m glad they found an answer for you that is working!!!

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