A.S. Face 0749: Natalie

Face 749After being in horrific hip pain for months I started to look for answers through drs and got flagged as crazy and drug seeking looking back every symptom  was directly attributed to AS. I believe my AS detached my retina @19 yrs old… my surgeon was convinced I was being abused and threaten to call the police because of the amount of scar tissue was I had was seen with blunt force trama…I had never heard of AS at this point so I went on with life no problems my 30th bday I spent in the ER with hip pain so bad I thought it was out of socket and systems progressed from this point from severe eye pain to certin toes going numb lost all feeling in my elbows breasts and lower abdomen… hip pain that was worse after rest taking me at least an hour to get out of bed my walking was noticeable different in hindsight I was relieving pressure off my spinal nerves….

Louisiana, United States of America

5 Responses to “A.S. Face 0749: Natalie”

  1. Dear Natalie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

    • Thank ypu Stephanie I’m not going to give up.
      Doug I appreciate ypu sharing your story with me before I found faces I felt so alone and now reading the stories I’m amazed with almost everyone feeling the same way I do it comforts me knowin I’m not alone.. finally a place where I can be honest and not judged.
      Ty mrs cookie for all you do this place is a lifesaver

  2. Natlalie: Welcome to the group. So sorry to hear you have had so much trouble with your eye and hip pain. My hip is pretty bad also. It takes forever to get moving in the morning. I wish you all the best.

    Stephania, Face #445

  3. Hello Natalie.
    I had the same problem. Doctors looking at me like I was a drug addict because I was “to young” to have health problems. Took quite a few docs until I moved home. Parents live in a small town and the tiny hospital is on the other side of the road. Just so happened that 1 doctor there IMMEDIATELY knew I have AS as soon as I stood up from the chair. 1 doctor, in a small town, in the middle of a redneck GA area knew what it was, but the other “high quality” docs think we want drugs. I couldn’t thank him enough. I am only 26 and my curved neck and spine make me out to be 70. Add in the limp from my left hip and knee pains and I am 85. lol. So, I completely understand where you’re at right now. I got put on SSDI, and the stress of not having to work in complete pain all day alone helps tremendously. That and pain killers of course, which I never even asked for, the diagnosing doctor ended up prescribing himself. All said, my point is this, never let anyone make you embarrassed to seek out pain relief through narcotics. If they help, they help, period. You are not a drug addict, you are an AS patient. Also, ask your doctor about Humira. Some people use narcotics with Humira, but some take Humira and end up not even needing other pain killers. Those are the lucky ones! Anyways. I hope you get on Humira or equal and get some feeling back. Humira has a good chance of not only stopping damage but also improving whats already damaged. So yes, feel better, and stay as active as you can. A body in motion stays in motion! Good luck!

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