A.S. Face 0722: Carl

Face 722Hi I’m Carl, I’m 30 and live in Yorkshire in the UK. My father has quite severe AS and up until recently I didn’t really know much about the condition as he always suffered in silence…..well about 18 months ago I began to show symptoms of AS. So i visited my gp and to be honest since that first visit I seem to never be away from the surgery lol, I had the hla-b27 test which was positive which then prompted an MRI scan showing changes to my c spine but my si joints were ok. My pain gradually grew worse along with my mood and restorative sleep became a memory, so a year later a second MRI was done this confirmed significant changes and my diagnosis was made. I have since had issues related to inflammation of the bowel and pain continues to spread including my ribs, sternum,ankles,wrists and anywhere that is attached to me really. I’m awaiting anti tnf treatment so currently on anti inflammatories and pain killers amongst other bits and bobs turning me into a human rain stick lol. My journey with this has only been 18 months but has changed my life completely, I used to work as a head chef on my feet all day 6 days a week,but sadly i can no longer stand pain free and fatigue is a nightmare making my position of head chef no longer possible. The biggest most important thing in my daily life is the patients love and support I receive from my wife Jane, without her support I probably would lay in bed and feel sorry for my self which in truth just makes things worse. My days are spent keeping busy gardening doing DIY,volunteering and spending time with my wife and two little girls. I have learnt sitting in pain causes more pain,keeping active is key regardless of how bad I feel. I know this journey ends when I do so I’m stuck with it, I had my tantrum,I’ve felt sorry for myself but that makes no difference anyway.So now I take each day as it comes I chat to other AS sufferers whom are either in a similar or much worse position than me and find comfort,advice and tips on how to cope without AS ruining everything.

Yorkshire United Kingdom

One Response to “A.S. Face 0722: Carl”

  1. Dear Carl,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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