A.S. Face 0644: Jennifer Brown

I have Spondylolisthesis of the Grade 1 of the C-7 T-1, Grade 3 of the L-5 S-1 regions of my spine, along with Bi-lateral pars defect in the sacral region, Osteo-arthritis through out my back, and my L-5 is grade 3 slippage which is causing extreme case of spinal stenosis but so far is just causing neuropathy down my left leg because its more progressive on my left side than my right. Depression for many years, Irritable bowel syndrome. I have 3 kids soon to be a single mother.  Its hard to change the person you are because you are no longer able to be the person who you were.

Texas United States of America

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 0644: Jennifer Brown”

  1. Dear Jennifer,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. You hang in there Jennifer. I know a special AS’er who is a single mother of three, who raised them through AS, and the last child is soon to graduate. And the kids are wonderfull! It wasn’t easy, it was a struggle, but she is proof that it can be done. And I’ll guarantee, that her kids, and your kids, are gonna be a heck of a lot better adults, than the spoiled rich kid bosse’s kid that I get to work with! The bosses kid is gonna have trouble in life, yours are gonna do just fine, and your AS will have a lot to do with that. Just like my special freinds kids are.It might not seem like it now, but It does work that way…so feel that burden lift from your heart.

  3. Hi Jennifer! A very good friend of mine, Derek, asked me to read your story, & I’m quite touched by what you wrote. My heart really breaks to know all that you are going through. Do you think you would be interested in joining many of The Faces, who have shared their story, on FB? It’s a private group, & we all have AS, & many like you & me have other autoimmune diseases. There are so many kind, caring & very supportive people there. It is a closed group, so no one can come in without being invited. I think that you would fit right in with all of us there. We talk about everything, not just AS, & the friends I’ve made there are truly incredible people from all over the world. I’m going to talk to Cookie, who runs this website, & is also one of the kindest, sweetest, & most beautiful people I’ve ever known. If you don’t want to join, I do not want to push you, it’s completely up to you. I can’t imagine all that you’re going through, & I hope that you have a supportive family & friends. You can always contact me on facebook, if you ever want to talk, vent, cry, or just need someone to listen to you. I do hope you will give the group on fb a try, you can always leave, if you don’t feel it’s right for you. I hope things get better & easier for you. You can contact me any time, Jennifer. Hugs, Lisa 🙂

  4. Hi Jennifer 🙂

    Pretty much everything I wanted to say, Lisa said. ❤ I hope you give the "Faces" group a chance. It is a very loving and supportive group. If you would like another single mother of 3, AS friend, you can find me on facebook .https://www.facebook.com/#!/marti.williams62
    Marti (face 0199)

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