A.S. Face 0639: Tippy Montgomery

California United States of America

3 Responses to “A.S. Face 0639: Tippy Montgomery”

  1. Dear Tippy,
    Thank you for being a part of my vision.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. That is so cute!(please don’t tell my buddies in the heavy construction industry I said that). I love your freinds. And I love your cap. You got style girl! Tippy, don’t let
    AS get you down. God has given each of us something we’re really good at. AS may close some doors…but it can lead us to finding that gift God gave us. Who cares what anyone else thinks. You be You…you be happy with yourself…you do what makes you feel good about yourself…and you find that gift. And please keep reading FACES. FACES strengthens me. I luvs it.

  3. Hi Tippy! I could be looking at a picture of myself, 20 years ago!!! I love your sense of individuality, & expressing yourself through your amazing style. Thank you for joining the Faces of A.S. family, & you are warmly welcomed with opened arms. I hope you will take advantage of all this site has to offer. I would love to read your A.S. story one day, but nothing & no one are ever rushed here. All Faces can be edited, at any time. I’m really happy that you found this wonderful A.S. world, where we are all linked by A.S., but we all have our own individual stories. I have met some of the kindest, most caring, beautiful, & supportive people from all over the world. I hope you find as much comfort & support from this site, & the people on it, as I have. It took me a very long time to post my own story, & still, I left out a lot of my story. If you ever need to talk to anyone about A.S., or have any questions about the website, feel free to contact me. If you scroll all the way down the list on the right, past all of the A.S. names, then 9 more lines down is the A.S. Information Board. It has so much great info in there, & references to doctors in each state, & so much more. I hope you know that now you are a part of the Faces family, you don’t ever need to feel alone or feel that no one understands how you are feeling, because we all do. Tippy, you remind me so much of myself, long ago. I’m so happy to have you, in our Faces of A.S. Family. Stay strong & stand tall.
    Welcome Tippy!!! 🙂

    Hugs & hope,

    Lisa # 535

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