A.S. Face 0604: Rick Mansfield

Hi, My name is Rick Mansfield, I am 35, I live in Launceston, Tasmania and I have AS. I have had the disease since I was 19, but I was only diagnosed with AS around 5 years ago after a lot of years of doctor shuffling to find one that knew what they were talking about. I went through all the usual treatments: NSAIDs, cortico steroids, gold injections, paracetamol/codeine before finally getting on Infliximab and getting some semblance of a life back. I still have pain, nut it is a lot less pronounced than is was. I have “bamboo spine” and most of my spine is fused into a stooped posture, but I have a better quality of life now, on Infliximab than I have done in the past 15 years. I have 4 children aged 13-19, and I am getting more quality time with them now my pain is reduced, and I am able to do more with them.



6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0604: Rick Mansfield”

  1. Welcome, thank you for telling you story.

  2. You look like a really happy guy. Keep your spirits up. Love the poms!

  3. Thanks for another story of optimism Rick! Whenever I gets down, I stop by FACE’s to get back up. The proof of the best of humanity, is visible here.

    Now, WTH is that you’re holding in the middle picture. Is that one of those “once they latch onto your hand they never let go” critters?

  4. Congratulations on your respose to Remicade (US brand name) I’m also one of the very lucky ones that after decades of battle Remicade came to the resuce and gave me my life back – 12 years on and going strong – Jim face # 103

  5. Welcome, Rick! It’s so great to have you join us, all the way from Tasmania!!!! WOW!!! You have such an incredible outlook, & positive spirit! I love it! I’m so thankful that you shared your story with all of us. Everyone on this website are some of the kindest, most supportive people I’ve ever met. I hope that you enjoy it here. :). Lisa #535

  6. Dear Rick,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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