A.S. Face 0537: Gwyn Hughes

I’ve had AS. since I was 20 and am now 65 , it took 3 years to diagnose and have had pain all these years up until about 2yrs ago …for some reason I have no pain anymore , and am able to enjoy sport once again (Crown Green Bowls) ….and do some light D.I.Y. …the only problem being tiredness possibly due to my age ….in my teens I was active in football (soccer) locally …and missed it so much when the AS started …limped about for years…slept alone , awake most nights …and took the usual anti -inflammatory tablets , which had a side effect of producing stones in my kidneys …just hope this message gets through and although my upper spine is stiff  there can some hopelater on in life after a long period of suffering ….

Everyone take care ..if you wish to chat via e-mail please do forward anything you would like to query …I’ll try and help if I can .

Gwyn Hughes .. North Wales United Kingdom

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 0537: Gwyn Hughes”

  1. Thank you Mr.Hughes.

  2. Gwyn – your words just gave me hope on a day where I really need some. Thanks! Daryl

  3. Wow Im reay intruged that you have no pain now. I know everyones diffrent but I would like to know what help you thee most thru your roughest days.

    • no help really , I just accepted things as they were ,,,plod on they say , from my photo you can see I’m not quite upright , lost a good 3 inches in height from those footballing days ….but for reason I’m ok now , just my posture is no different to a few years ago .

  4. Gwyn: Glad to hear that you are in no pain now. Great news! Welcome to our growing group! You will find a great support system here!

  5. Dear Gwyn,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  6. still able to play some sport …..no more pain still , although sometimes I feel as if its still there when I wake up some mornings …until I get moving about …..those pain days in my late 20’s were horrendous but eased off gradually towards middle age …..keep going …keep exercising ……that’s my advice ….

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