A.S. Face 0468: David Morgan

my name is david morgan.. I live in Memphis,Tn and im 32 yrs old.  i have been diagnosed with AS for about 5 yrs now.  in the beginning i had a good Dr And a job. for the last three years i have had aleave and every other anti inflammatory i could find. since i dont have insurance  a job and i hold  three  denial letters for Disability  i havent seen a Dr about my As in those 3 yrs . my back is almost completely fused together . my neck is now stiff and in constant pain . the pain has now also spread to my chest and rib cage .. when i sneeze it feels like a ufc fighter kicked me in the chest.  life everyday is a struggle to even get out of bed . Every one im sure  knows how hard it is to support a family with even both people working. well since i cant work it falls all on my wife and shes a very strong woman but this load is wearing her down. I sometimes feel like a drowning swimmer pulling her under as she just trys to survive herself. our love is very strong but this definitely puts a big strain on our  marriage..  people look @ me to b the big strong person i was but i know on the inside im brittle as a old bread stick. It would b so easy to b a drug addict . just put myself in a pill coma every day and live like that but thats not what i wanna do @ 32. i want my life back ,i want to enjoy life again ..  sorry i used this as a way to vent..

Tennessee United States of America

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 0468: David Morgan”

  1. Hello David..I feel the same way with the sneezing..sorry to hear about your pain, but please vent in the ASAP page, nice and sympathetic ears there
    Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Thank u for sharing ur story… We can relate! We’re here for u!

  3. one of the other A.s.faces talked about the Encourage foundation. I think this organisation helped in get embrel.


    This is the web page, if it doesn’t work look up Encourage Foundation and it will appear.
    May be they will help you.
    Sorry things are difficult for you right now.

  4. hi david sorry to hear of another person struck with this disease i totally get what your saying my wife is the same a strong woman who doesnt give up either its not easy to deal with the guilt of watching your wife do almost everything but you have to say your sick,well done yourself for not going into pill paradise some are ok but it can be habit forming ok.be strong and know your not alone, from dermot here in ireland

  5. David: Thanks for sharing–I can certainly relate to the feelings you have been having. I am fortunate in that I have insurance and can get some medications that help with the pain. I know there are programs that can help you afford the medications, as someone kindly listed above. Don’t give up on trying to get disability–sometimes it takes many times of applying before you can get approved. What is nice about this site is that you can vent to all of us here at any time. I noticed that you have some beautiful dogs–they can be such a source of comfort when you are down! Hang in there, David! You are not alone!
    Stephania, Face #445

  6. Dear David,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Remember always this is a place where honesty and reality is encouraged. We are always here for you.
    Sincerely Cookie

  7. Hello, I live in North MS. Ive never met anyone with this disease. Stay strong..

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