A.S. Face 0452: Jeania Smith

My name is Jeania Smith I am 27 years old and I have A.S. HLA-B27 positive for me the symptoms began as a teenager in Ohio , before I even graduated high school I was in the er with excruciating hip pain, I was chalked up to “growing” pains over n over, I married my high school sweetheart and he joined the navy and we were off to Illinois for his training etc, I was always in pain and more than once had to use a cane to get around much to my humiliation 18 years old using a cane. I was miserable for a really long time, then my daughter was born,and we quickly learned I was pregnant again, immediately after my son was born I had my worst flare ever.It was in my hips my rib cage breathing hurt, moving hurt I screamed awake from the pain. I had no idea what was going on I had become used to a certain amount of pain in my life but this was unbearable I could barely reach over to pick up my newborn son. I have seen doctor after doctor rhuemies and chiropractor, no one knew what was wrong, I had x-rays showing nothing blood work was always negative for the rheumatoid factors they were looking for. I was chalked up to being a pill hunter and a druggie. I cannot express how many times I have looked a skeptical doctor in the face while they told me I was to young to be experiencing this. YOU THINK?! I was officially diagnosed November 2011 after a cross-country move to Oregon and still flaring, the rhuemy gave me a sixteen part series of x-rays showing damage in my hips, he will only tell me there is minor damage, I’m currently on sulfasalazene and start embrel in a couple weeks because I failed the sulfazene. my children are my world and I’m still coping with being “diseased” coping with the fact that this is me, this isn’t who I wanted to be, I hate everything about this disease and everything it takes away, I have ok days and bad days and the pain makes me angry and grouchy and in a fog, I cannot wait for the day someone finds a cure, until then I intend to Stand Tall not only for myself but for my children.

Oregon United States of America

9 Responses to “A.S. Face 0452: Jeania Smith”

  1. Dear Jeania,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Your Daughter looks just like you, and your son looks just like his father! Percevere and have hope Jeania. Enbrel helped me to get a blanket wrapped around the inflammation. I so hope it works for you.

  3. I am hoping with everything inside of me, I miss the old me so very much. I have shoved everyone away from me and wrapped myself in an angry blanket and have ben pushing myself so hard to just ignore the pain and do it ne ways. more than once this idea has had me laid up on the couch for weeks because I pushed to hard n hurt something. this site and my trip home has saved me from thinking I didnt want to live like this that my family deserved someone else in their lives. depression is still knocking on my door but I now feel real hope.

    • Dear Jeania,
      As long as you have hope inside and know that depression is knocking on the door… then you will be fine…. We have all been there at one point or another… It is one of the reasons I created Faces was to bring people together on the human side..not the awareness or medical but the true human side of this disease. To form a brother hood of compassion and caring..remember from this day forward you are never alone…we are here

  4. cookie,
    you have no idea how thankful I am to know this, I have tears in my eyes typing this, I have tried to express to a select few how this feels and they don’t understand they tell me to just ignore it and push through it. I dont know how to explain that sometimes just walking across the floor to a chair I pushed through it and felt accomplished when I didnt fall on the floor. reading others stories about how the tnf drugs have helped them regain some semblance of life makes me feel really hopeful and excited to get home and try the enbrel. thank you for this site from the botum of my heart

    • You are most welcome, but remember I didn’t do this alone, we all did it. We came together and we are all a part of this…remember when someone stumbles across your page that has the darkness following close behind… they will see your ray of hope and it will light the way…

      Sincerely cookie

  5. So sorry about all your pain. This disease simply stinks! I truly hope that Enbrel, Remecade, or Humira will work for you! Stephania #445

  6. Thank you for sharing your story. I was diagnosed at age 22 and now have 3 sons (ages 21, 18, and 15). We thought we’d never have children so they are all miracles. Having AS and raising well adjusted children is possible. It’s also possible for you to have a well adjusted, positive life. Just hang in there. Elizabeth face 40

  7. thank you for your support stepahania, i’m confidant one of them will, i have to be. I feel somehow stronger and more confidant wince finding this site n the chat group, I dont feel alone, I know with two litle words such as bad day, everyone on this site understands how awful those words can rly be. I’m rly glad to know it is possible to raise children properly with this as it is a constant fear of mine that im not doing something right.

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