A.S. Face 0424: Angela Wald

I’m a 31-year-old female with AS. I was diagnosed in march of 2012. This was only after years and years of going to the ER, Chiro, Physiotherepy, quartizone injections, and being fed copious amounts of pain killers…Being told that im experiencing “BACK PAIN”…. It’s the craziest thing, I mean the simplest tasks brought me to my knees. Who would have thought that brushing your teeth, doing dishes, putting on socks could be so painful. The disease has been ravaging my spine for years, Only recently it has started to do a number on my feet. I’m still early in my diagnosis and awaiting a call from a rheumatologist.
My name is Angela, I have AS, that is my story.
Alberta Canada

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 0424: Angela Wald”

  1. Dear Angela,
    Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Thank you Cookie for sharing my story. AS is such a daunting disease. I cant begin to express how happy I am that I found this group of people just like me! And everyone has been so helpful in answering my many questions. This is a really amazing thing that your doing. THANK YOU COOKIE! much love angela 🙂

  3. HI Angela! We’re “your kinda people.” I’m happy that you can now read lotsa first hand FACE stories about succesfull medical treatments to stuff the AS genie back in it’s bottle. Oh, there’s lotsa hope. You can sleep better tonight.

    Love the statue of Jesus. Let the meds work on the body, let Jesus work on your spirit. to cool.

  4. Hi Derek
    Thank you for the kind and hopeful words. Being part of a group like this is JUST what I needed..Bless you all..And bless cookie for bringing everyone together like this. What a special thing to do ❤

    • You’re right Angela, Cookie is a very special lady who’s touched more lives in ways she never dreamed of when starting this. She turned the tables on AS by using it to turn a negative into a wonderfull positive-truly the best example for all of us. On this mothers day-I think we’d all like to thank Cookie for bringing the light back into our lives. Thanks “big sis”.

  5. Welcome, Angela! So glad you’ve found this awesome group! And, we have more than AS in common… realizing we both appreciate Cookie for all she’s done. She’s put a “face” with the name of AS. She inspires all of us to have hope and courage. Cookies blog and this site are how I started getting answers and started asking questions from my docs. Cookie has helped in giving me the courage to talk about / share with family and friends about this debilitating disease… thank you Cookie for your continued inspiration for all of us! :0)

  6. Countrynana,

    As I read through the different “faces”…Im finding more knowledge on here then my family doctor could ever give! Im still on a waiting list for a rheumatologist..So the only info I really had, was that of which I found myself (books I ordered, and info online) So far the best information pool I found was right here on faces:)
    Until I get a call from a rheumatologist, I will be here every day soaking up information. (and in the meantime making some great new ASer friends) xo

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