A.S. Face 0423: Tyler

My son Tyler was diagnosed with JAS at the age of 8 but his symptoms started when he was 7 or even before then. It started out in his heels and then went to his ankles, lower back, knees and fingers. He got so bad that he couldn’t walk. The doctors put him in a wheel chair. After many different types of medications the doctors finally found the right combo. Weekly Methotrexate and Enbrel injections have got my now 13-year-old son to be an active happy teen. He is running around with his friends and having a good time. His lower back still hurts but it doesn’t keep him down for long.
Mother of Tyler
Hawaii United States of America

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 0423: Tyler”

  1. Dear Tyler,
    Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hi just want to say Tyler you may not know it or realize it but you are so very fortunate not for this disease but for being diagnosed so early I had pains in my hips really bad when I was 8 Years old. I was not diagnosed till i was 23. I am glad to hear you are doing so well and out of the wheel chair. Keep positive and all the best of luck to you and fighting this disease. There are some good lessons to learn on dealing with some of these hard balls life gives us. I find that I has helped me become a person I was meant to be and not a shadow of someones ideal. It makes us different and we can either embrace it with a smile and determination to defy our A.S. and what we can and can not do. Remember you are not alone, you have your family, and you have this wonderful support group and many more for people just like you and I and others. I hope your medication continues to work for a long time and that you are able to stay active.

    P.S. I have a strong positive attitude and I am sure you do. That will always be your strongest weapon.

  3. Bravo Enbrel! Some bright vice president at Enbrel should take the picture above along with what you wrote Kim and pay you a small fortune to make it into an advertisement. Couldn’t you see it in “Readers Digest”? Perfect.

    Tyler, that Enbrel needle makes me wince and cry, and I’m a fat old guy. You’re a tough kid. If you can take it, then I can take it-thanks. I’m tellin ya, besides the ladies of AS (we always have to let them be first Tyler), the bravest people I know are the kids of AS. Incredible!

    • Tyler really hates Tuesdays because that is Enbrel day.. We have tried everything to take away the pain of this medication but nothing has worked. I told him he would be stronger in the end knowing he can take this pain. He is a strong kid.. Thanks for the kind words you have written to my son 🙂

  4. I agree with the comments, its a great help and fortune, in a way, to be diagnosed so early. Otherwise, the disease does its nasty things but the major devastation comes from psychological injury of suffering and being called names, lier, looser, lazy, because you utter words like “I can’t, I hurt, I’m exhausted” before the “allowed” age of, say 90-100 years old nowadays ! I’m convinced in the old days, many have been sent to mental asylums or prisons, for being considered fools or whatever ! Sleep deprivation, constant pain and mainly being ignored or rejected by relatives and carers does destroy your taste to life and self-respect. So it’s great that it was diagnosed and he found the right combo so early that it wouldn’t damage too much his development as a teen and his building as an adult.
    And, Kim, I wanted to tell you that your kid is GORGEOUS, this pic could indeed be used like one of a model for Embrel/JAS advertising campaigns!
    best wishes from France

  5. I just read all of your comments to Tyler. Thank you for the kind words you have written. As a mother it put tears in my eyes reading them. It’s been a long process with this disease and he is in a medical remission thanks to the MTX and Enbrel. Tyler has seen the Enbrel commercials and have always said that they need a kid on their commercials to. Not just adults. He is a very bright kid and if I knew of a way I would get his picture out there for him to be a spokesperson for all the kids with JAS and Enbrel. 🙂

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