A.S. Face 0373: Renee Schmitt

I knew something was not right since I was in high school. But I just dismissed it since it wasnt that bad.  Eventually, my neck, shoulders, headaches and then my back started being bothersome.  I received some prescription pain meds and only helped temporarily. All those years I just dealt with new symptoms and stronger pains. Noone could figure it out.  My primary doctor finally diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia (after I told her abt it).  Nothing was helping. I even went to PT and they said it was all in my head. Finally took it upon myself to find a Rheumatologist.  I even had a breast reduction hoping it would help and it didnt.She tried everything until she finally decided to check on the HLAB27 and also did another MRI with contrast.  Sure enough I was diagnosed in 2010.  After all these years, I finally know what is the problem.    Now I am on Humira and MTX and only feel slight improvement.  Since I had gastric bypass in 2001, I am very limited to the kind of medications I can take and what my stomach can tolerate.  She wants to refer me to a specialty hospital to get a second opinion like she gave up on me. My little boy and my husband didnt give up on me why would she? She is the specialist. And I sit here wondering am I going to have to start over or this is a sign of just accepting the pain.  Only time will tell.

California United States of America

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 0373: Renee Schmitt”

  1. I am very sorry to hear that you are struggling with AS. Don’t give up, it’s a process. Your doctor should have hung in there with you and given you other options. I am 8 months out from my diagnosis still trying different options. Enbrel, Humira, Remicade and now Actemra this coming Monday. Non of the TNF blockers worked well for me so we shall see about Actemra. I think we do have to accept some of the pain but not let it control us however difficult that is. I am hoping your second opinion docs will work with you a bit better. Sometimes it’s not only challenging finding the right drug(s) but also the right physician. I am having some luck with the anti-inflammatory diet (way of life, not really a diet-diet). Basically low carbs, no processed anything and lots of fruits and veggies. Look up “Eat To Live” by Joel Fuhrman, MD if you are interested. My Rheumatologist OK’d me going on this diet not sure with your stomach issues but it’s worth a look. Good luck to you! Your AS friend, Claudia

  2. Renee, I am so sorry it’s been so rough on you. Don’t give up. Eventually they will find the right drug for you. I have been on a few different ones and this time it’s a combination of Prednisone and Humera. I am not sure if it is gonna be THE one for me….as I just started it, but so far so good. Hang in there. ❤
    Marti (face 199)

  3. Renee, Not sure where you are in CA, but I have a great Rheumatologist in SoCal. I live in Carlsbad, and I have AS, FM and Hashimoto’s Thyroid. Both my husband and son have AS and so does my Dad.

  4. Dear Renee,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Wishing you the best. Remember from this day forward you are never alone.
    Sincerely Cookie

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