A.S. Face 0330: Nico Jung

Nico Jung 13, was just diagnosed this past week. I had been noticing his limping and hip hurting. We took him and sure enough my worst nightmare had become reality. With my 13 years old son now having it I want to take a healthier outlook on AS. I am looking forward to new ideas and support to help us get through this absolutely painful process as a mother whose child has the disease as well as a mother who has it herself and sometimes feels like she doesn’t want to get out of bed in the mornings.

Texas United States of America

6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0330: Nico Jung”

  1. Every Mom’s worst nightmare. He’ll be very lucky to have a Mom who understands what he’s going through. Wishing you both all the best in this fight! Stand tall

  2. I just get mad at the world when I see someone so young get AS. In “your Face posting”, you mentioned how unfortunate it was to have been misdiagnosed for so long. I too believe that an early diagnosis would have helped me. It would have helped all of us. The bright side here is because you have AS, Nico has just got an early diagnosis. It is not our fault we have this disease. Therefore, it’s not your fault your son has it. To the contrary, because you have AS, It’s very likely your son will be spared what you are going through now. Don’t you think that’s reassuring? I do.

  3. There will be trying days but through early diagnosis and treatment Nico has a great opportunity to live a normal life. Thank goodness you caught the symptoms Juanita. I an here for u guys! Love u guys!

  4. You have come to the right place Nico.You will find alot of support,and make friends that feel just like you!!!!!

  5. Dear Nico,
    Thank you so much for having the courage to share your story with us. I want you to remember to always ask questions, demand answers and seek the truth. BE YOUR OWN best friend. Take care of your self the best way you can, fight hard for your health and live the best life you are able to, nothing is impossible.
    Sincerely Cookie

    June 21, 2012 I am still trying to reach you to send you The Faces of AS Band

  6. Hi Nico, You are not alone. I am glad you got an early diagnosis. Stand tall sweetie. Welcome ❤
    (face 199)

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