A.S. Face 0324: Michelle

My name is Michelle. I am a 31-year-old female.

I have always had back pain. After my first daughter was born there were some mornings I couldn’t get out of bed to take cake of her. The pain was horrible. I knew something was wrong. I went to my doctor and told him all of my symptoms. He had diagnosed me with Reiters syndrome when I was 20, but I told him there was something more. After doing a spinal x-ray and the chest expansion test he knew it was Ankylosing Spondylitis. I felt a sense of relief. After my ppd test he started me immediately on weekly enbrel injections. That combined with hydrocodone makes the pain manageable. My SED rate has also lowered a lot. I got pregnant with my second daughter and had to stop the injections which was hard to deal with for 10 months. We got through it though. I have an amazing supportive husband and family who help me tremendously. D

Honolulu Hawaii United States of America

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 0324: Michelle”

  1. Dear Michelle,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Stay strong!

  3. I have 2 girls as well and the second pregnancy was the hardest! I know what it’s like to not be able to get out of bed and do the things you wish you could with your kids. Hang in there and I hope you feel better 🙂 Since being diagnosed and treated my symptoms are much better.

    AS face 347

  4. Hi Michelle 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    (face 199)

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