A.S. Face 0322: Goretti

My name is Goretti, I am 31, diagnosed with SA 5 years ago

I have been living in London for 5 years, originally, I am from Spain.

My painful story begins when I arrived to London. I came to this country to improve my English after finishing my Tourism Management Degree in Spain. I always wanted to work in International Tourism, so English was a must. Took my suitcase, and flew to London.

Language barrier that I could only access a certain type of unskilled jobs, so started working in a coffee shop, it was great! I met lots of young people with lots of energy that came to the city for the same purpose as mine! I loved it every minute!.

It was hard work, I am not going to lie, we worked long hours at a very fast pace, and there was some physical work to do too in the stock room. One day, I woke up and I could not move!, I was in agony so I went to the doctor immediately! I had an awful pain from by bottom  down the back of my leg and I could hardly walk. Sine that day, doctors saw me come back very often for the same reason… once you have sciatic, it is very luckily that you have it again…. that is what doctors said. So I have spent 2 years misdiagnosed. I thought  that I was lifting heavy weight at work… so decided to look for another job, but pain still would come back.

I was so young! only 25.. I was terrified… flare ups happen 3 times a year when  pain remains for at leat a month, in between this flares up, lots of mornings when I feel really stiff and lots of evenings I can not sleep.

I have been getting by  so far ….and some days I am very positive and others i feel really down.. but after years of being in complete denial, I am now committed to get fit, eat healthy and be as positive as I can when a flare comes up.

I have noticed that starch free diet somehow helps me, apparently it helps combating inflammation. I don’t follow it 100%, but I am getting better. Really hot showers gets me moving and neproxen is my best friend.

I am not under any treatment, doctor said that I my AS is not very developed and I only have some signs of inflammation and bone erosion in  my hip. It affects my chest too, sometimes I almost try not to breathe, so my chest doesn’t expand and it doesn’t hurt. I am B27 negative.

I am engagged!and  I am planning my wedding for 2014, hopefully we will finish all the refurbishment in the house by then! I can’t wait! I have many things I want to do, so I look forward to one day at a time and enjoy every little thing in life! I am sure you too… so chin up, keep positive, and look after yourself … be as happy as you can or more!

Lots of love Goretti

London England

6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0322: Goretti”

  1. welcome sweet girl,

    please try to get some help for your pain. Treatment is important……very important. No one should go thru life in pain. Always remember your not alone.
    soft hugs,

  2. HI Goretti I am face 202, Ashley. I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 26. I have left si joint erosion and damage and also have lots of trouble breathing. I finally found an amazing Rheumatologist that specializes in AS also and not just other auto immune diseases. I am worried for you though since you’re only on naproxen…. If you’re already showing some erosion that means that your AS is causing symptoms enough to do that to you, and the fact that you have breathing problems concerns me more… I went unmedicated for a few years and now have bone fusion in my chest… I just don’t want that to happen to you… They didn’t mentiona biological to treat damage that occurs slowly going unnoticed. .?

  3. Dear Goretti,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on your engagement! Wishing you the best. You need to discuss with your doctor about treatment NOW is the time to stop this disease in its tracks.
    Sincerely Cookie

  4. Hi Goretti, I agree with Ashley 202, you need better treatment! The fact that you have some bone erosion and pain in your chest are just a few signs. If you haven’t already you could join the NASS and find a Rheumatologist that specialises in AS.

    I had very similar symptoms to yourself, was diagnosed last summer and have been self-administering Enbrel since January. This has made a significant improvement to my mobility – I am now running and mountain biking again which I never expected to do!!! I have also been following a starch free diet for the last 4 weeks and believe this has also made a difference (difficult to know if this is the Enbrel or the diet or both).

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, look after yourself.

    AS Face 246

  5. Thank you for sharing. I am sorry! I am a “Spondy” too. No number yet, I hope the diet works and you are happy and have a wonderful marriage.


  6. I agree with treating the pain but I am afraid I can’t recommend the biologics. The current research is indicating that they do NOT slow progression however are successful at helping with pain. This is not enough evidence for me to join what I consider to be a social experiment.

    The NSAIDs however DO stop bone formation, downside is their side effects.

    I have been talking to Dr. T on the subject and now take “end pain” and “healthy bones and joints” from http://WWW.endfatigue.com. Together these herbal meds work like a NSAID.

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