A.S. Face 0316: Daniel A Mother’s Hero

 Daniel from Rolling Prairie, IN, was diagnosed with AS in July 2010 at the age of 10. He has faced many challenges since then, but has never lost his continuous positive attitude. Even when he has very bad days with pain, he maintains a smile, and tells us all ” I am stronger than this! and I will not let it beat me!”   He is an amazing little boy who continues to teach me that each day is a gift from God.   His sensitivity and caring for others always comes before his own needs.  He loves to play baseball, his favorite sport even before his diagnosis, and he continues to play when he can. This is my little face of AS.  Submitted by his mom, Angela

Indiana United States of America

8 Responses to “A.S. Face 0316: Daniel A Mother’s Hero”

  1. What a cutie, you must be so proud of him. I know AS is a family disease, like my husband said “when you suffer, we suffer.” no one wants to see their loved one hurt all of the time. I grew up watching my Dad hurt with it and now I have it. I pray none of my three girls get AS too, you must be such a strong mom. When I’m having a bad day I will always think about your Daniel.

  2. May I ask how you found out he had AS? What led you to have him tested, etc.? I have AS and I often wonder if my daughter might too. She constantly complains of pain in her legs, neck, and back and she is only 5! I also have another daughter who is 8 who has extremely high levels of inflammation in her body, yet the doctors have no idea why. They did bronchoscopy, colonscopy, tons of allergy testing with nothing coming back. Perhaps I should ask doc to test them for HLA B27? Is this how your son was diagnosed? Best of luck to him and sending prayers your families way! You can reply back to brittney.brown@maine.edu if you wouldn’t mind answering my questions. Thank you for sharing his story. Tough little guy you got there!

  3. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I think of a quoute that is dear to my heart when reading your story.

    If you think you can or you can’t, either way you are right!

    You fight and you fight hard and you will have the best life you ever wanted!
    Sincerely Cookie

  4. Hi Daniel…
    Well to start off you know you are far from alone in this battle. But I am writing you because I was a rare case as well having on set at age 9 or 10 but they didnt figure that out til I was mid 20s. I am now 29yrs old. If your mom or yourself would like to write me and ask any questions I would love to pen pal with yall. I have been thur many ups and downs but what keeps me going is knowing I have AS… it doesnt have me. Learning how to control the flare ups as much as you can. Sending prayers for slow progression
    Your AS family,

    Find me on Facebook under
    Angela Vojtasek

  5. It is amazing how strong kids are!! I am so sorry that your baby has to be in pain! My son is 10 now. He was diagnosed a couple of years ago. He was about four when he started having pain from Rieter’s syndrome (HLA-B27+).. 😦 They definitely teach us a lot about life!

  6. Hi this is Daniel. Thank you for looking at my page, and for all the nice comments. I appreciate it. Thank you for the prayers and support. This disease has really changed my life, but I know we can all fight through it.

  7. Daniel, you are a handsome and sweet young man. Listen to your mom and keep trusting in her guidance, especially when it comes to food. With this disease, you are what you eat. When your friends have parties and eat all of that wonderful but super duper painful junk food and soda, and they say, “awww, too bad “CAN’T” have this”, tell them “I’m not giving up junk food, I’m giving up pain”. Then flex like “The Hulk” 😉 heehee

  8. Keep smiling Daniel 🙂
    Remember ..you are not alone.
    Marti (face 199)

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