A.S. Face 0277: Ricky White

My name is Ricky, and I am proud to say I am a face of Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). That might seem an odd thing to say “I am proud of having AS”, but I am, and this is my story and reasons why.

In the beginning of 2007 I started to suffer with Back pain, and Sacroiliac Joint pain. After an obvious initial assumption of sciatica, with physiotherapy treatment, this did not settle for long. It was then I realised this was something more serious. After a positive HLA-B27 test, with an MRI already showing radiological changes after just a few years of onset, my diagnosis of AS was given. I feel very fortunate that I was diagnosed in just 3.5 years since my first symptoms, I know most wait much much longer.

It has been almost two years since I was diagnosed, and in that time a lot has happened. On a personal level I have gotten married, and became a father. These I believe are my greatest achievements so far, despite all the achievements that follow. On a professional level my AS has forced me into a new direction with my career, this has had both positive, and negative affects on my life. The details of which I will spare you from for now.

In the last year I have become what is known as a health activist. My inherent human nature insists that I am always trying to a) better myself, and b) to help others. I found a good release and mechanism to do this, writing; and over the last year I have done so more and more. My blog about AS has become more than I could have dreamt of. For those of you that read, I hope you continue to gain from it as much as I have gained writing it.

AS has helped to make me the man, husband and father I am today. I am proud of what I have achieved despite AS, and what I have achieved because of AS. I am also extremely proud of calling myself a member of the AS community, and proud of the friends and people I have met along my journey so far.

It therefore fills me with joy, excitement, and pride to say “I am a face of AS”.

Thank you for reading my story.

Ricky White

Bromley Kent United Kingdom

You can follow me on Twitter @endlesstrax or find my blog at http://endlesstrax.com

6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0277: Ricky White”

  1. Dear Ricky,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I agree about being able to say with pride, ” I am a Face of Ankylosing Spondylitis.” Keep up the good work that you do.

    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Bravo Rickie. The one thing we all have in common? We’re the only ones who know what the “sacroiliac joint is.” (response to quisical look: you know, that place where your spine hooks together with the pelvis. Further response to even more quisical look: just call it the SI)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story Ricky. I’m proud to be a face of AS too. 🙂

    (face 199)

  4. Great story Ricky , its wonderful to see AS is no ruling your life , many thanks for sharing

  5. That’s a really good positive story Ricky. I was diagnosed after several years of symptoms and mis -diagnosed several times!

    I tested negative to the HLAB27 test but MRI showed marked changes so that’s how I finally got my diagnosis.

    Its good that you don’t let this disease rule your life, a positive outlook always helps.! keep up the good work.

    thank you for sharing your story

  6. HavIng suffered with back pain for nearly 20 years and then being diagnosed with AS I am so proud to be a face of AS and know how to deal with it through exercise and diet! Life is pretty bloody good! Thanks Ricky!

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