A.S. Face 0262: Martin Caunce

Hi everyone, this is my contribution to The Face of A.S.,or maybe I should have said Back of A.S.

.My condition is quite progressed and most of my affected joints are fused. I had a motorcycle accident in 1989 and the doctors think this caused the onset of A.S..I attended various Fracture Clinics, was seen by many Consultants, both N.H.S. and Private, only to be told that “I had a bad back” ,well I could have told them that. It wasn’t until late 2002,that I was diagnosed with A.S., by this time it was too far gone to have any treatment to try to slow the disease. I am now on Anti T.N.F. Therapy, mainly for the inflammation of the joints and take high doses of Codeine Phosphate for the constant pain. One blessing is that I am still here to write this, which I am thankful for. The main 2 things that get me down are the chronic fatigue and not being able to play with my kids the way other fitter more able dads do. It’s a cruel disease, but we do seem to be turning the corner by the Medical profession understanding A.S. a little more, I just think they need to work more on the Psychological effects on the patients

.Keep well everyone.

Thankyou.Martin C.

BamberBridge United Kingdom

12 Responses to “A.S. Face 0262: Martin Caunce”

  1. Thank you for sharing Martin!

  2. Hi- I was wondering if you could expand on the part where you said the doctors thiink the accident brought out the AS ? I heard a couple other people say their AS started after having a car accident…. I’m just curious if there is any mechanism that would cause AS to come out after injury. Because it’s an immune system disease I’m not sure how any injury would cause it. I’m just wondering if there is a link somehow because we’re constantly told it’s autoimmune…. but why did we get AS and not some other autoimmune disease, you know?

  3. ps Does percocet help you at all?

  4. Your story is alot like my Dads. His spine looks like yours too (you’re not alone) My dad is 57 now and didn’t get answers until his spine was fused also. He is without insurance and is on nothing for his AS. I feel so horrible for him, he suffers so much. I was diagnosed over 4 years ago with AS too and my little sister who is just 21 just got diagnosed too. It’s not an easy life but you still seem very positive about everything.

  5. Hello Martin,
    My parents used to tell me to straighten up, young man… & ragged on me about my posture when I was a teenager. I had the misfortune to have had a head-on collision with a car while I was riding my motorcycle. I fractured my neck, lower spine & pelvis. That was in 1970 & a major stressor. The accident kicked the AS into hyper-drive. I’m paying dearly for that trauma 42 years later. I’m convinced that stress has taken my AS to a new level; the last two years have been a nightmare. AS is working its magic on my neck, ribcage, hands & jaw (TMD). My back is bent forward & fused. Flexeril, Dilaudid & Ibuprofen have helped keep my SED rate, pain & muscle spasms down. I hate that ultra-tired feeling; totally exhausted no matter what you do. I hope that you can find some comfort; it’s so elusive. GOD Bless you…

  6. I have read that Trauma and/or an infection can (awaken) AS in people. Has anyone heard the same?

    Martin, Im sure your children appreciate the things you can do with them and the effort it takes to keep going..

  7. Thank you for sharing
    I agree about more testing on the mental part of it.

  8. Hello Martin as you an see we are a lot alike good to see you thank you for posting.

  9. Dear Martin,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I agree I think we do need to concentrate on the Psychological effects on patients along with the work being done. Thank you for being courageous in sharing the truth of AS.
    Sincerely Cookie

  10. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you!

  11. Thank you for sharing, Martin

  12. Warm thoughts to you and your family my spine is like yours
    I am face 1061

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