A.S. Face 0219: Geoff Hancock

My name is Geoff and well look at my pictures AS grabbed me.
I was 19 when I burst disks spondylitis l5s1 The AS was not diagnosed for nearly 8+ years later.
I was told all the wrong things and being high and in so much pain i said little.
Bit like when they said it will cost the NHS 57k to fix you but we think we will just look at pills. I have had to fight at time’s for god sake.
It drags you down, the loss of your body when It happens so quick.

I started low then pills stronger till fentanl patches then i got to over 1000mg of oxy Contin thrown at me a day that was changed to same amount of MST morphine with oxy norm changed to oramorph when I broke My back
By falling over from standing but have cut down as the pills 120mg a day mst are hit and miss on 40mg 3 time a day plus oramorph and other bits allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs which really sucks.
I have had anti tnf but to be honest I had given up quite a bit till I meet a lovey person and there is some light at the end of that tunnel..
I was not given the right choices when you can only leave in an ambulance your home becomes a prison just walls I don’t like curtains open people stare in at me.
Please all live life why you can every day is so so precious and if my life keeping going all.

Folkestone, Kent United Kingdom

5 Responses to “A.S. Face 0219: Geoff Hancock”

  1. Dear Geoff,
    Thank you so much for being a part of my vision.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Take care and thank you for sharing these pictures.

  3. Geoff, I wish nothing but the best for you.

  4. Thanks for sharing Geoff 🙂 (hug)

  5. Dear Geoff,
    Thank you so much for having the courage to update your story.
    With much gratitude,

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