A.S. Face 0186: Steve Symes

Hi my name is steve.s and i live in canada manitoba.

Im 33 years old and have been suffering from AS for 6 years.

When i was a teenager to early twenties i always had lower back problems and thay just got worse going into my 30’s. I seen a doctor that gave me the B27 blood test and sure enough it came back positive for AS. I went into depression big time and im still there, I havent had a job in 5 years because my pain is so bad. So i became a stay at home daddy, everyday is a battle for me i cant bend i sweat like crazy due to anxiety and no meds that ive tryed helped. So what do i do now humm i found treatment in the form of smoking pot and wow my pain and my anxiety was so lowerd that i can play with my loving kids again, and be a more loving husband to my wife (witch is the world to me).

Melanie my wife tells me im such a different person when i smoke. The pain is just not there anymore but theres a problem ( ITS ILLEGAL). At this point i dont care if i get caught because im virtually pain free under the herbs power. I will never take another pill again for my pain, thay just hurt my tummy so bad. But theres also another problem our family only has one income so getting my (herbs or meds ) as i call them only come around once in a while so ya thats right im suffering with out it on a daily basis. my wife wants me to go and get the needle shot for my pain but at this point i think its totally useless. Every doctor ive seen is a pill pusher and that just makes me sick to my tummy, oh just take these and you’ll be fine YA RIGHT.

I hope and just pray that someone reads this and takes my advise on trying the herbs for there AS. when i can get it ,it totally has changed my life to being pain free FOR NOW but yes my spine is fusing and ive come to terms with my body that someday i wont be able to walk and my spine will be curved or in a straight board position. to all that suffers from AS my heart goes to you and  your families.

Best of luck steve symes:)

canada manitoba


6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0186: Steve Symes”

  1. Hi Steve,

    After reading your story on AS its’ like a duplicate on how I am. Diagnosed 10 years now. Ten Years pass that I missed. Have Iritis as well,had my eyes inplanted with new. Started off with Embril,did’nt work and wasn’t helping my eyes. High dossages of Predisone for nearly two years to get my
    cataract full blown so I could save my Eye Sight.

    Tried the Remicade, had to stop showed signs of Lupus,and MS. Humeria wwas’nt long lasting. Every week. No Im doing Simponi,without metrotrexate. Doing much better. However Bending is in-possible. Fuzed Spine , now going to my neck. It’s effecting my Jaw, and the roots of my teeth are begining to break. So much Fun.

    As for the herb. Yes works well. Better then nacatoic and the side effects takeing 2 every 4 hours. Here where I live it’s Legal for Medical use and I
    do participate. Help more then anything I’ve tried in the pass.

    I applied for Social Security on my own. Everyone said I would not get it the
    first time around. I fooled them I had all the facts, test results, and won within a 4 month period.

    Now Social Security.gov. Has listed Ankolosing Spondolits as a sure thing in
    obtaining Social Securtiy Benifits. If you need help in finding Goverment help
    in a monthly check let me know and I can steer you in the right direction.
    Here in the U.S. A call to my Senator,You being in Canada you will need to let them go to the bat for you after file. Show them everything HLB27 gene
    positve etc.

    Enjoyed reading your post. My apologies for typo errors as my eyes sight is
    not to good reading up close.

    Do you feel that people think it’s all in our heads? One Day seems Okay, do
    a bit more, and pay the next day or two. I know the pain my friend. And herb
    has helped me alot.

    Your a young man with a Beautiful Baby your holding. Just hang in there and keep the Faith guy. As your aware,when you get older things just do not work like they use to. It effects Male organs as well. Sorry it’s Man talk
    Prostate problems, you name it.

    Regards to you and your Family, and Thanks fory you post. Wear blue,stand tall for AS. You can Join AS as a memember. If your not able to
    afford joing just call them in California. They will send you AS braclets to wear in support of As.

    Have a Good One.
    Smoke rings to you.


    No pills for me, done with morphine,unless Im taken to the Hospital. Pill Pusher your right. Did you know that every prescribtion a Dr. Writes they receive a percentage of the cost. My remicade treatments here in the States
    was $22.000.00 per month. Still had pain, and brought out other major medical problems,LUPUS>MS>Leukemia. These drugs they prescribe to us are what lies ahead of us. If I should have to have Surgery, they will
    have to put a treag into me cause my throat not able to receive the tube.
    Good Luck, I’m here for you bro. Any time and Thank you again in helping me with you post. Your right it effects family members as well.

  2. Hi steve.. I was diagnosed 23 years ago in Montreal.. didnt get much treatment in Canada.. thats another story though.. Do NOT think that smoking is going to stop the damage your AS is doing to you. It may divert your pain but the damage continues believe me.. been there done that smoke more pot then you prob saw in your life time… didnt get the right meds and didnt take care of myself and now Im 5 inches shorter.. and developed a hump that would put Igor to shame! It will get worse if you dont get some anti inflammatories. Naproxen is good.. drink it down with milk it will coat your stomach and ask about Humira or other meds in that line… treat it now while you dont have the irreversable damage.. once the joints fuse thats that!!!! I live in Germany now and even though I get the best treatments in the world I cant get back what I lost.. dont wait till its too late.

  3. Dear Steve,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank you for being so honest in how you deal with pain, taking care of the pain is how you manage your life, but you have to take care of the medical aspect of the fusing and damage being done. Please reconsider and give it a chance again, once it is done there is no unduing it. Wishing you the best.
    Sincerely Cookie

    Just wanted to let you know I am still trying to get your mailing address so I may send your Faces of AS wristband to you.
    Sincerely Cookie

  4. I’m currently in the process of getting Medical Mary Wanna.I told my wife about you,she picked up and read the application.It is federal not provincial.So you might all ready be eligable.She also mentioned that depending on how close to Ontario you are.You might also come to Ont.For your STUFF.But like I said,it looks like a federal program.I hope you and me get relief,I’ve been dyeing for years.And like the other responses to your story,i agree.You have to keep your desease in check.The smoke will only help so much,and will not treat you.Its a HUGE pain in the ass,but I will just tell you what my wife says to me.YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!! When she says that,I know its LAW.Without our women,we would all be in the toilet.Your picture looks like Bruce Dickenson from Iron Maiden.

  5. Love you forever and always ~ even when your a bear!

  6. If you would please email me at Cookiehasas@aol.com with your mailing address I will be happy to send your Faces of AS wristband to you.
    Thank you so much Cookie

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