A.S. Face 0130:Charity Thomas Schofield Patterson

This picture is of me on vacation in Dominican Republic this past March. best part was I was pretty much pain-free on vacation without much medication at all I have always known something about AS. Mostly that Girls don’t get it. My Dad had it, still can’t find the original picture to give you.  touches of pain have been starting for years, I have had iritis for a about 3-4 years, and even though the inflammation is gone according to ophthalmologist, I still have photophobia. (I didn’t even know about irits until april of this year mind you) on vacation in 2010 with husband in myrtle beach, had 2 weeks of agonizing pain when I would wake up if I slept for more than 6 hrs. cant breath agony we figured it was just the mattress. but the symptoms would continue after we got home, if I slept for more than 6 hrs. then this january the tendonitis in my shoulder. I could no longer deal with this pain. Then in the spring my friend got on the specific carbohydrate diet aka No starch diet. I googled it and was surprised the first thing I see is AS. connections start being made. I also see someone complain of Iritis and i search what that is.. again more connections made. I go see my doctor and he orders the test. I wait about a month before I do the blood test. I just don’t want to believe I could have this. I want to believe that this shoulder is simply and injury and that it will heal itself – if i just rest it long enough. It comes back positive,  CT scan of SI ordered, and visit to good Rheum in London ON ordered (I Live in small farming community between London and Windsor) Then Sept comes, and i get the diagnosis I dreaded.   Life is not over but it has taken some time to adjust. this probably wont get much better. Just get happy with taking pain killers, anti inflamatory & stomach pills the rest of my life.


One Response to “A.S. Face 0130:Charity Thomas Schofield Patterson”

  1. Dear Charity,

    Thank you so much for being a part of my vision.
    Sincerely Cookie

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