A.S. Face 0116: Abdul M Hakema

after i have surgery for crohn’s disease be 2000 i start felling tired and alot pain on my back and hips.evrey time i watching TV or get out from car i much hold my legs so i can moved i was thinking thas from crohn and i start taking alot aspirin, ibuprofen like candy 2000mg every 5 hours so i can moved and all time thas from CD then be 2003 i vised my DR GI for CD i told him i need more drog or something for my pain and i show him my legs how red they was and he sanded to me to DR. AR and after test my blood and XRAY for 6 month he told me i have ankylosing spondylitis i told him: UNCLE WHO?????(i’m hard of hearing and i wearing hearing aid) i told him can you please writing down for me .then i back to home and get my coffee and cigarette then i i google for ankylosing spondylitis for motre then 6 hours so get more information ……then i so happy i’m not alone here on world and meet need friends all over world who have AS &CD…
and i’m so gald have AS & CD and no one my have family and my friends
my name is ABDUL HAKEMA and i have ankylosing spondylitis and crohn’s disease but they not have me…..

I am from Syria but live in Elizabethviile, Pennsylvannie United States of America

13 Responses to “A.S. Face 0116: Abdul M Hakema”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story, Abdul.

  2. Uncle Who? That made me laugh.

    • i’m glad make you laugh stehpanie This first time type a story and typed quickly and now noted that they are now the alot of clerical errors

      • Dear Abdul,
        You did a wonderful job. I am hoping to go back and check for any mistakes, if you notice any on any page please email it. I will correct it. Lots of people send me emails with corrections, it is hard for me to always notice them.
        Sincerely Cookie

  3. Dear Abdul,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

    • Thank you Cookie.without you noone know all thes storys

      • Dear Abdul,
        Thank you so much for your kind words, it is my goal to bring all of us together, in a world of acceptance and understanding and friendship. Thank you for helping me with my vision.
        Sincerely Cookie

  4. Wow,
    What a story.I had the same reaction as you when my doctor said”Ankylosing Spondylitis”.I made a small joke about the strange sounding words.He was very dry,and did not respond to my remark.I wish I could be more like you,in that I feel like it has me.Its just that when I try to do something,I end up on my butt in severe pain.I am afraid of the pain now,and don’t do anything.But I will try to do as you do “own it,not let it own me”.
    Thanks Abdul

    Paul Bourque said this on January 19, 2012 at 10:53 pm

  5. I like your style, man !
    “Uncle Who ?”, that’s excellent, and do ot worry most of us could lough out loud because we have had or witnessed the same reaction from people, regardless of the quality of their hearing !
    In French, a language where they looooove complicated scientific blurb, it sounds naturally nasty, just the sound of it, so I just always add “yeah, just as nasy as it sounds!”.
    Sometimes I ask people wondering about my funny moves (or my walking stick) if they’ve seen the movie “Benjamin Button” where the main character played by Brad Pitt has a (utopic) illness that reverses time effects on body (except size of course, difficult to give birth to an adult, however crippled and bent he is) : he’s born all wrinkly and achey like an old man, and then progressively looks younger and younger as time passes. So after illustrating this story, I explain how, although I may look like I’m in my early thirties (or even late twenties I’m told, at times, hehe), I am actually 303 years old and feel like it inside.
    I love the “I have AS & CD but they don’t have me”, it should become our global moto, fellow AS sufferers !
    I have AS and psoriasis but they don’t have me, yeah !
    Keep fighting fit and smile!
    Friendly, from France

    • hey ana
      i’m sosorry not replay you latle and so late coz i was chicago see my DRs.
      thank so much i agree with you alot poeple not understand about AS and they don’t know how we feeling in morning when you get up they thinking i’m soo lazy here sometime when i sitteing in parks and i asked my silf did i get older or what???
      you right alot poeple from global don’t know and where i com’n from they never hard all they thinking back pain thas all from hard work….

      • Hiya. Tell me about it. It’s weird, I’m turning 35 on 6th May, I feel 303 years old inside but look 26 outside still. Weather’s chaotic in France and it’s flaring up AS, I can hardly sleep, days are agony, I only feel like my lofe revolves around my Godblessed physiotherapists, one who unlocks my vertebrae so they don’t fuse twice a week, the other who soothes everything within a warm pool with gentle exercises.
        WHat did the doctors say ? Any good news on a new treatment that may help ? Keep strong, good luck
        Best wishes to all from France

  6. no ana is not weird at all remamber what i typing….i have AS but AS never have me i understand thas so pain all time and none understand you or feeling you.as u see my new pics i lost all my hair here and when i walked at parks looking to people how they happy no pain make me hurt my feeling but still strong here.
    i don’t know if DR give to you any medicines for pain????
    so far i will have my 2ed Colonoscopy for my CROHN thes year thes summer just they want make sure everything fine with my colon
    what u face number here ????

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