A.S. Face 0088: Julie Saunders

My name is Julie Saunders and I have AS.  I am 48years old. As a child I knew my back was not like others.  I could not do gymnastics and bend like the other kids, even though I tried.  I noticed as a teenager laying on my stomach would really hurt.  When I would get up my back would lock up and it was very painful before it would subside.  I had a doctor look at my back and told me I had scoliosis.  Around 14 years old, my friends and I would walk around our neighborhood.  Three times that summer my back would lock up in severe pain.  I would drop to the ground.  I wanted to go to the ER; however, my parents did not realize it was so bad.  I later found out I had inflamation of the spinal cord.  I always had back problems through the years.  In my late twenties and thirties I had colon problems.  They thought I had ulcerative colitis.  About every 5-10 years I would have different problems that seemed severe, eyes, colon, spasms,stomach, bladder, ect.   I started having knee  and elbow pain in my late 30’s.  My orthopedic Doctor sent me to a Rhuematologist.  After blood work and MRI’s  and a couple of years, she thought I had AS.  I am now on Remicade, sulfazine and celebrex.  At times I feel like they don’t work until I miss a dose or right before my infusion.  I can tell it makes a difference.  I have hope they will find a cure for AS.

Birmingham, Alabama United States of America

5 Responses to “A.S. Face 0088: Julie Saunders”

  1. Dear Julie,
    You could of wrote my story! So much like mine. Thank you so much for being a part of this.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hey! I’m 21 I have AS..Similar childhood tale :(…I hv been on antibios for a year…will it be harmful in the long term…my doc suggests AS becomes more severe in early twenties…Right now it’s not very painful like in the past..I have checkups once a year though I’m not very sure if 1 docs opinion is gud enough…AS is rare in my country…should I continue with em for a while or…plz advise…i’m scared..

  3. Wow!!!! Your storie is so much like mine!!!! I always thought growing up that all my pain was normal for other kids and that it was that I wasn’t strong enough!!! Thank you for sharing !!!

  4. More scoliosis+A.S. people! We could make a club.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. I just had my 3rd Remicade infusion and am hoping that it will work for me. Enbrel and Humira didn’t work. How long have you been on Remicade? Is your pain lessened to a great degree or just somewhat? I remain hopeful. Wishing you a pain free 2012!

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