A.S. Face 0078: Marie de Prémonville

I was diagnosed with AS 9 years ago… I was 29 then, and though I had known for years that something might be wrong, it was a hard blow all the same. Since then, as many others with AS, I’ve tried my best and found ways to live more peacefully, and to forget the pain whenever I can. Last June, I finally had a baby, and it’s the greatest joy I’ve ever experienced! I’m a literary translator, I’ve been translating novels into French for 16 years now, and I love my job, which helps a lot too. The benefit of AS is that it makes you want to enjoy life even more fully

Paris France

J’ai été diagnostiqué avec l’AS il ya 9 ans … j’avais 29 ans alors, et bien que je connaissais depuis des années que quelque chose peut-être tort, il fut un coup dur tout de même. Depuis lors, comme beaucoup d’autres avec l’AS, j’ai essayé mes moyens les meilleurs et ont trouvé pour vivre plus paisiblement, et d’oublier la douleur dès que je peux. Dernière Juin, j’ai finalement eu un bébé, et c’est la plus grande joie que j’ai jamais connu! Je suis un traducteur littéraire, j’ai été la traduction de romans en français depuis 16 ans, et j’aime mon travail, ce qui aide beaucoup aussi. L’avantage de AS est qu’il vous donne envie de profiter de la vie encore plus pleinement! Paris, France

3 Responses to “A.S. Face 0078: Marie de Prémonville”

  1. Marie, you are absolutely right that it makes you want to enjoy your life more. If this disease has taught me anything, it is that my life is precious and that every moment is worht living – good or bad or painful… they are all worth it.

  2. Dear Marie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on the baby! You are right the benefits of having Ankylosing Spondylitis is that it teaches you to enjoy your days and live each minute to the fullest.
    Sincerely Cookie

  3. Marie, I was always a “smell the roses girl”, you are right, now I breath in all the lovely times like large breaths of air, if I was well I would be trying to fill every minute with needul things to be done, I have spent more days these last few years laying in the grass, being quiet and even doing some daydreaming. Thank you.

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