A.S. Face 0075: John Johnson

My name is John I was Diagnosed with AS in August of this year. I am 44 now and been living with this disease for 16 years. Back in late 2003 I was in so much pain that I could not walk for over 3 months I had filed for BK and left my job after 17 years under tons of stress. I would go to my local County Hospital thinking that I might have cancer all the test came back normal. I must have been in the ER at least 7 times in a 3 mouth period the staff in the ER was tired of seeing me and they thought I was a drug addict trying to get Pain killers. Well when I got medical from my spouses work then I got answers. If only one person reads this and finds out that they have AS that would be the greatest thing ever.

Moreno Valley, California United States of America

6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0075: John Johnson”

  1. Dear John,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. It breaks my heart to know we are treated as drug seekers even after diagnoses. I agree if this site helps one person to having a better quality of life, then all the hard work was worth it!
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Update 03/11/2012. Still in lots of pain. I am glad that I got diagnosed back on Augest 19 2011. I tested negative for the HLA-B27 protein but my Rhemy told me that 20-30% of AS patients test Negative. I will keep on fighting this Disease.

  3. hI John, I am newly diagnosed. I have 5 horses & have not been able to ride for the last 3 yrs. I am hoping with diagnosis, treatment & pt I may be able to get back in the saddle again. Your horse is beautiful 🙂 Do you ride, do you have any tips if you do? Thanks 🙂

  4. John, love the photo with the horse. They will add my story soon I guess. I just got diagnosed after 14 years of just dealing with the back pain and keeping it somewhat under control with Ativan, chiropractic and massage. Lots !!!! That’s what I seemed to spend all my money on was trying to buy health for myself even with insurance. How are you doing now?

    • Hi still in lots of pain. It’s good to finely know what I have. They say that mostly men get AS but I don’t believe that I think it’s Equal. My Rhemy wants me to start taking Enbrel but I don’t like the side effects. How are you handling ur AS?

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