A.S. Face 0064: Liezel janse van rensburg

I was diagnosed when I was 23, now 31, the disease is so aggressive that there is not a joint, that is not affected. I started with Humira in march of this year and for the first time in my life I was pain-free!    However, my body has started building up resistance to Humira, and I am now back in back every day!
I am staying active and refuse to surrender do this!

Kind regards from SOUTH AFRICA
Liezel janse van rensburg

Port Elizabeth South Africa

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 0064: Liezel janse van rensburg”

  1. Good for you for staying active and not giving in. Activity (if one can do it) helps ‘put off’ and sometimes even stop or prevent fusing. No surrender!

  2. Dear Liezel,
    Thank you so much for shaing your story with us. Here is to never surrendering!
    Sincerely Cookie

  3. You are beautiful, Liezel. You should do in South Africa what was done in France where I am (and was diagnosed, had been living and working in UK for 7 years but their health system -hum, lack of really- means I’d probably have ended up in sectionned in a psych ward for being told I was making things up or whining when I hardly ever utter a word about pain, let alone wine!) :
    One of the beautiful young members of the national association of AS sufferers modelled for a portrait on a poster aiming at AS awareness (focusing on how invisible yet real the pain is). The message next to the portrait was “do you find me beautiful ? well, I can tell you I suffer so much you cannot imagine, even if it doesn’t show and I am so young”. Something along the line of it.
    If you guys have a national association in South Africa, think about it, to raise awareness.
    Anyway, beautiful lady, best of luck and keep being brave !

  4. No side effects with Humira?

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