A.S. Face 0053: Sharon McDermid

As a child I went through life thinking the pain I had was normal ,I grew to accept the dull aches in my back and neck . My mum would say aww hun its all part of growing up so I stopped telling her and carried on . Time passed and life was tuff . Shoot forward to the last two years I changed my doctors a few times one even told me it was my hormones. Things were not right the first time any one actually said I may have AS  was when my right knee swelled up and I had to have surgery to clean it out . Following that I began to feel so exhausted and ached so much in my back hips ect .Bloods were taken and in 2009 I was told I had the HLA B27 gene (WHAT DID THAT MEAN ) xrays showed I have an S-shaped spine scoliosis . my vertebrae are showing wear and tear early AS so here I am sharing my pain it’s still new to me and some days I wanna curl up and sleep but I keep moving cos sitting /standing too long hurts so much . Getting up takes forever and keeping my chin up is like trying to lift a heavy load x I am so pleased I have friends who understand . I have no children not sure if that’s a blessing but I do know I would not want them to have this awful disease.

yours Sharon xxx DNA

Waddingham United Kingdom

13 Responses to “A.S. Face 0053: Sharon McDermid”

  1. Sharon your story is so common in the AS world thank you for telling it here.

  2. That could be my own story! Gentle hugs<3

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Two of my boys have AS–so I understand not wanting to pass it on..unfortunately, I did pass it on.

  4. Sharon, you have been an inspiration to me, since i’ve ‘known’ you. You have so much love, warmth, compassion, and positivity… you have helped me with your words on many occasions, and helped me to put my life into perspective whilst struggling with your own perspective. You truly are a wonderful person, a glorious soul, and i feel so honoured to have you as a friend in my life. Much love and hugs to you huni – and remember to love yourself as much as you love your friends. Blessed be to you sister. xx

  5. I find comfort in knowing that I am not making this all up in my head. The aches and pains, the mornings, oh God the mornings. Though I wish others didn’t have this, at least I am not alone. I have been searching for an answer on what has been wrong with me…and now that i do have a real diagnosis I feel a little hopeless. Happy that I at least know but still have so many unanswered wonders.

  6. Dear Sharon,

    I am so happy you agreed to be included in this, it means the world to me!
    Remember we are always here for you.
    Sincerely Cookie

  7. Good to read your story Sharon, very similar to mine to the point of being spooky, take care my dear friend. Love face 11 x

  8. up date : 02 /02/12
    well been a struggle doctors have taken more bloods today to check for inflammation ,pain been a tad worse of late but i wont let it get me down . I need ex rays and an MRI which has been arranged for March . I love you all your all amazing and i will take my strength and STAND TALL . well for as long as possible here to a very Spondgy twisty life full of adventures with great friends along the way xxxLOVE sharon AKA (DNA

  9. Love you DNA!! xxxx

  10. Please buy a memory foam mattress. It makes such a huge difference. You won’t wake up nearly as stiff and sore. I don’t hobble when I get up anymore.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story ! I’m having one of those lonely painful day’s . So I thought I would read some A.S. stories and ran across yours . I see you have been an inspiration to others ! I say if you are to even one person you are a Hero ! Wishing you the best , Kristy Cowan aka A.S. WARRIOR !

  12. hiya its me am still here just poped in to say ive read some more storys and some have had me in tears huge hugs to alll keep standing tall x OH and i have a bone density test end of this month fingers crossed i havent losst any and am now finding new ways to cope like sleeping where i feel comfatable or not stressing too much when i carnt do what i need to be doing ,pace myself more and just hope for tommorow to be a better day than today x HUGE HUGE HUGGYS DNA xxx

  13. Hi everyone one update needed x I have had extended my physio pain management is doing nothing

    for me x I am so pleased I asked for more physio x the fatigue is terrible pain-relieving co/codamol amatriptalin and gabapentine is my choice at the moment x been working 40 hrs a week . I do Zumba with my neices who is a instructor am going on Thursday to aqua zumba Whitch is easy because your in a pool zumbering lol I think cookie wodough enjoy it in her pool x any way that it for now am doing the best I an to stay active x

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