A Labor Of Love

The Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis Information Board Link On The Faces of AS Website

The Faces Of Ankylosing Spondylitis Information Board Link

A Labor Of Love

The Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis Information  Board was the vision and creation of one person. Over the years I have watched  the AS community step up in every form or fashion to offer information and  assistance to any of us in our time of need. The out pouring of this community  has never ceased to amaze me, but what I noticed over time, is that we struggle  to locate the information that was shared. I worked as a directory assistance  operator for twenty plus years and thought it would be awesome if the AS  community could have something like that. So while I was “patiently” waiting for  the new Face of AS to arrive. I decided to join the pro board forum and see what  I could come up, that was in November 2011. I spent a couple of weeks working on  it and decided it was just too much. Then I remembered I am not a quitter, I  finally completed it in July of 2013. My vision is to make information available  that will help people improve their quality of life and future. My hope is that  you will adopt your area; it is such an easy way for us to help each other. I  appreciate the way the community has stood beside me, encouraged and believed in  me.  I wanted to publicly say thank you to the Nurses in the Infusion Center at  Baylor Medical Center in Houston Texas, for giving me suggestions and  encouragement over the past two years, without your compassion this vision would  never have become a reality.
With all my love and respect, from one AS  Survivor to another.
Sincerely, Cookie

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