2700 Here We Come

I am reaching out to all of you to help me reach my goal of 2700 Faces of AS.
I have been working on this project since October 8, 2011, eleven years in the making still 495 to go to reach my goal, well was never really my goal but a challenge given to me by Michael Smith who is Face 405. He is said 1000 Faces is great BUT 2700 Would be incredible. I said how did you come up with that number? 2.7 million people are believed to have Ankylosing Spondylitis.

If you have already submitted yourself then I ask you to please reach out to others and ask them to also be included.
If you haven’t, I would ask that you consider doing so, all you need to do is submit a picture and your name. My email is CookieHasAS@aol.com

Sharing your story is heart work. It’s not easy work, but it might be the most important thing you’ll ever do, because ……

“Sharing our truths can provide the opportunity for great healing.” — Kristen Noel

“There is a surrendering to your story and then a knowing that you don’t have to stay in your story.” — Colette Baron Reid

“Your heartache is someone else’s hope. If you make it through, somebody else is going to make it through. Tell your story.” — Kim McManus

“You are not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You have a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.” — Julian Seifter

I know that when I wrote my story and left it on the website, I felt free. It was not as important for someone to read it as it was for me to write and leave it on the site, so I could be free of carrying it inside of me.

It is YOUR story, no one else’s, someone out there needs to hear your story or see your face and find hope there. You only have to include your picture, with or without your story, you can do a poem, quote or favorite song it is what you need it to be.
You can list your full name, first name or initials the choice is yours.
If you have someone that has left us and would like to share their story, I would be honored.
Please send your information to CookieHasAS@aol.com
With Faces in the subject line.
Either way thank you for being here….
Thank you all that believed in me.
Sincerely Cookie

~ by Cookie Has A.S. on May 21, 2022.

3 Responses to “2700 Here We Come”

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    Master Practitioner in Transformational Coaching

    Evolved Neuro Linguistic Programming (ENLP)™ ~ Master Life Coach (MLC)

    Quantum Change Process (QCP)™ Quantum Time Release (QTR)™

    Multi-level Hypnosis Certification ~ Specialist in Blended Families

    Experienced with all ages of clients
    Trained in working with children and adults.

    What to expect when we meet
    The coaching process varies between each individual, depending on the outcomes they wish to achieve.

    The sessions will be fun, sometimes challenging and give you the energy, inspiration and motivation you need to move in the direction of your choosing.

    Fall Foliage
    “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

    Mark Twain
    My Who and My Why
    When I was 18 years old I enlisted in the Canadian Forces and served for several years in the communications division. My mental and physical health was in peak shape, and I was easily running 16 kilometers every morning. Aside from occasional aches and pains, I felt like I was on top of my game. After a number of years in the military, chronic pain back steadily increased and I found myself in the emergency room frequently seeking relief. I was at a loss of what could be happening. I considered myself fit, healthy and very conscious of how diet affects physical and mental wellness. I went for years without an answer; multiple blood tests and MRIs, chiropractor and physiotherapy appointment, and specialist after specialist, I still had no answers. Over time I developed severe sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, anemia, psoriasis and rage episodes. It became all consuming, and the pain was unbearable, I decided to leave the military.

    At the age of 29 years, I finally got the diagnosis I was searching for: Ankylosing Spondylitis, an autoimmune disease, a type of rheumatoid arthritis that causes severe back pain due to inflammation and fusion of the spinal bones. I was only 29, in generally good health, and not the stereotypical Spondylitis candidate. I had ignored early symptoms and put off going to a rheumatologist (a joint and arthritis doctor) for years because I couldn’t believe that I would have arthritis at 29 years old.

    My rheumatologist offered several medication options, but made it clear that there was no cure and this would be degenerative. He gave me the choice between 3 different weekly injections, each with side effects that seemed worse than my original back pain. I chose one, I learned to give myself the injections at home, and it completely changed my body and my life. I didn’t feel as much pain, but my mood changed, my weight increased (I gained 80 pounds in 4 months), and it cost $1750 per month (thankfully we had a drug plan).

    I fell into a deep depression, my new marriage was suffering and I was searching for ways to relieve the remaining pain when the injections no longer worked. I started into old habits, smoking and gambling, to distract myself from what was going on. I was raging and explosive with my wife and children, and I was in a bad place. I had never felt so helpless.

    My wife and I sought out a professional that performed a Quantum Change Process, a highly transformative technique that identifies and releases past experiences, emotional issues, obstacles and blockages, so that people can move forward with their lives as intended. She worked with my wife and myself separately as well as together. My Quantum Change Process was so transformative. Did the work on Myself and healing started from the inside out.

    At home, my wife and I have five beautiful daughters aged from 3- 13 years old. Understanding how to communicate respectfully and manage of blended family on top of life and career has always been an ongoing work in progress. Understanding how to communicate as partners and parents continues to help all of us manage our behaviours and emotions through everyday experiences.

    What I’ve learned is that everyone goes through different experiences….it is not the experiences that define us, but how we choose to respond to them that makes the difference. I researched, trained and mastered the skills that changed my life. I feel called to serve and guide others to unlock their limitless potential and break free from anything holding them back.

    I took what kick me down so hard and learned the skills and resources to overcome and work through it. Then I got called to serve and help the others being held back.

  2. You go, girl. Love ya

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