Please Welcome

Our Newest Face of AS

~ by Cookie Has A.S. on July 25, 2019.

4 Responses to “Please Welcome”

  1. I am Helena I am about to 40 next week I already had a lot of health problems I was suffering from vertigo, bad neuropathy, an optical stroke which left me blind in my left eye, type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism. But I was still having a lot of chronic pain in my body and I knew something was just not right and every doctor would tell me it was from neuropathy or the uncontrolled diabetes but I knew it was more so finally in 2015 a rheumatologist finally found it was AS. But then in 2017 I found out I had cirrhosis of the liver. So I make it a priority to get up everyday and do as much as I can even when I feel that I can’t. I seen your story on AS life live! And seen you had this organization where people with this terrible disease and come to tell their story. I never knew there where this many people that suffered from this same disease. I just love to see the fight people have in them to push though all this horrible pain we suffer from.

  2. I would love to become a member of your project: Faces of AS. I just watched your episode on This AS Life, and it brought tears to my eyes. You truly understand how I feel at this very moment. Thank you for sharing and thank you for creating this website. Although I am eager to share my story and become another Face, I am suffering from terrible pain today and cannot focus long enough to do so. I will be back on here when I feel better. Thank you for bringing such a spark to my day.

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