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A Grandmother’s Heartache

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A Grandmother’s Heartache

Have you heard the crying in anguish

From a child whose legs felt lame?

Have you told them it surely will pass soon,

It’s only her growing pains?

Have you seen a teen on the mound

Destined that softball to send

Only to watch her elbow

Unable to make the bend?

Have you watched the tears as they flow down

Her face, full of sadness and fear:

Have you cringed as she tumbles over

While the reason still seems so unclear?

Do you watch as she picks up the pieces

And places a smile on her face

Only to see the leg pain

Determined that smile to erase?

Have you held a hand as it readies

To inject the drug of the week?

Are you tongue tied and fighting to hold back,

Unable to breathe or to speak?

And when flares made her body immobile

And the pain in her spine was so high

That you carried her into the E.R.,

Did you also break down and cry?

Do you hate Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Do you pray every day for a cure?

Do you hurt for the thousands of people

Whom this horrible disease must endure?

~ Luanne Fekken, grandmother to Shayna Elizabeth Riddle (A.S. Face #1589)

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